1 / August / 2016 :

Exhibition. Date as per postmark (Online)

The exhibition “Date as per postmark” is online. After the first edition of the programme at the Hippocrene Foundation | Villa Mallet-Stevens, the digital version of the postcards can be permanently seen on the Internet  on a website dedicated to that.

– About the online exhibition Date as per postmark

[…] Through a simple process, sending the world of hundreds of blank postcards to every artist who expressed demand, the project brings together 370 postcards sent from 23 countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Morocco, Switzerland, Brazil, England, Monaco, Poland, United States, Slovakia, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Egypt, Ireland and Tunisia.

Creations become, once passed into the hands of the artists, all the cards – without any selection – were exhibited at Hippocrene Foundation | Villa Mallet-Stevens from 12 to 25 January 2016. They reflect the diversity of contemporary practices and are the first edition of Postmarked a success.

At the time of sms, mms, Facebook posts, Twit, snapchat and Instragram the postcard remains a simple and accessible format which artists can take to express their singularities. Each step of the exhibition is an opportunity to collect works by Pépinières artists through the e.mobility network but also to welcome new one. Over the progression of his career, the project sees expand its collection of maps, its origins, and with it a network that is.

Valentine Busquet, curator of the exhibition

Date as per postmark
Exhibition Date as per postmark online

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