25 / August / 2017 :

Exhibition. Inauguration The Recombinants (Marseille, France) and (Online)

The artwork Cataratas has been selected to be included in The Recombinants an online exhibition curated by Madja Edelstein-Gomez.

On the 25th of August at 5pm the inauguration will take place both online (virtual and accessible until 25th of January 2018) and (presential, until 10th of September 2017) within the framework of ART-O-RAMA, International Contemporary Art Fair of Marseille.

Online each viewer will visit a different show, will travel different spaces and the perspectives of the talent of our invited artists, which you can also visit one by one.

Specially for the Art-O-Rama presentation, Madja Edelstein-Gomez chose to record three fifteen minute-long screen captures. They unwind the experience of a live presentation as a recombined hypnotic show of beauty. Here you are invited to create your own trajectory and discover and experience your own show on your computer.

The Recombinants / ART-O-RAMA


Online Exhibition “The Recombinants”

Can an exhibition be curated by an Artificial Intelligence?
This challenge was taken up by Madja Edelstein Gomez for her exhibition “The Recombinants”.
The participants who responded to an open call were carefully selected by sophisticated algorithms. And now what you experience is a mesmerizing mixture of pictures, videos, sounds, texts situated in an ever-changing screen.

Welcome to the show of the future: The Recombinants.


August 25 at 5pm (Current Offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours)


La Friche la Belle de Mai (La Cartonnerie)
41 rue Jobin
13003 Marseille

The Recombinants

The Recombinants Art O Rama

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