16 / June / 2016 :

Talk. Straw bale construction. Open Finsa 2016 (Castellbisbal, Spain)

I give a talk about  straw bale construction (construcción con balas de paja) at the meeting “Alternatives to traditional building” (Alternativas a la construcción tradicional) during the Open Finsa 2016 at the Sala Mater in Castellbisbal.

Alternatives to traditional building:
Gerardo Wadel, from La casa por el tejado
Jose Antonio Gonzalez, from Arquima
Pia Alejandra Galvez Lindegaard, from Environmental Architecture

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Open Finsa

Four open meetings organised each year in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, totally free, where we get to know from the protagonists the latest news in architecture, interior decoration, materials, design and trends.

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It takes place at Sala Mater, the tickets are free and available at:

– Sala Mater

It is a creative space of FINSA, in Barcelona, which aims through networking, training, dissemination and collaboration, to consolidate the wood sector and design in Catalonia.

From our Sala Mater we want to foster, boost  and collaborate with all those causes, whether individuals, enterprises or initiatives, related with design, industry and innovation.



We are an enterprise with global mindset, but with local conscience. Somos una empresa con  mentalidad global, pero con conciencia local.
We are part of the natural cycle of the forests. We transform one of the most renewable natural resource: the wood.
We bet on sustainable forest management, therefore we use raw material from certified forests.
To transform the wood we use highly efficient processes, mimimizing waste and achieving a balance between the energy we consume and the one we generate.
We are totally transparent about the environmental impact of our products and their ecological footprint along all this stages.
The 100% of the waste are incorporated thanks to recycling, as products in the end of their useful life or as waste of other industries using therefore less natural resources.


10 am – 3 pm

Sala Mater

C/ Ferralla nº 4
Políg. Ind. Sant Vicenç
08755 Castellbisbal (Barcelona)


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