Growing corner

Growing corner

Site-specific installation
arundo donax, unwaxed linen thread, jute fabric, leds, optic fibre, seeds, pleurotus ostreatus
Variable dimensions


Create a contrast between stiffness-organicism and inert-naturals materials.

I work at the corner because I am interested in emphasise its condition -represent the cartesian coordinates X, Y, Z-  and show up or emerge from that corner an element with natural materials and organic composition. That from these inert place, from these corner an abstract natural element can grow.

Compose and create with arundo donax a volume, a small scenography.
Place there a structure similar to the roots and base of a tropical tree or similar to the river flow. Work this structure with arundo donax linear elements and individuals and investigate the possibilities of smell, texture and flexibility to take advantage of them to dispel the formality and stillness of this corner.

It will help to generate an atmosphere where every individual can observe the contrast between these two worlds.
Place seats to observe it and take time for self-reflection. A gathering with a landscape interpretation.

No stop city-mad. Efímeras. Alternativas habitables.
16 February – 9 April (extended until 29 May)
Sala de la Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid)

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