Straw bale dome

Straw bale dome

Straw bales,  timber, clay plaster and green roof (vegetal)
138 m2


Execution phase of Gernot Minke’s building
I participated as a learner in the “Ecological Building with Natural Materials” European workshop with Gernot Minke so as to build 8 loadbearing straw bale vaults with a central load-bearing straw bale dome (discharged to the floor using as an octogonal wooden henge).

The educational approach of the workshop was based on learning by doing.

Theoretical and practical topics were accompanied by multimedia presentations, and spontaneous discussions in the evenings.

The participants were: builders-craftsmen, craftsmen, civil engineers, architects, architect students, designers, teachers, electricians and organic farmers.

Given practical lessons:
– Prepare straw bales for buildings
– Build load- bearing straw bale vaults
– Build a load-bearing straw bale dome
– Clay plaster and clay floor
– Preparations of the roof for a waterproof membrane
– Wooden finishings and insulation

Given theory lessons:
– Theory of principles of sustainable building. Criteria of sustainability met by straw bale, clay, green roof. Their effect on healthy environment.
– Theory and practice of straw bale building: basics, qualities, tests.
– Theory and practice of load bearing structures, especially vaults and domes: principles, required quality, experimenting.
– Theory and practice of clay plasters, different mixtures, application, clay plaster systems and clay floors for interiors.
– Theory and practice of vegetation roofs: system, structural details, examples.

Load-bearing straw bale dome and 8 load- bearing straw bale vaults
2010 – permanent
Senec, Bratislava (Slovakia)

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