30 / April / 2013 :

Results of the open call Pla BUITS (Barcelona, Spain)

As a result for the open call Pla BUITS, the urban garden proposal “Illa dels 3 Horts” for a temporary use on the plot Font de la Guatlla has been accepted.
In January 2013 a collective or 20 associations wrote a proposal called “L’illa dels tres horts” and was sended to the open call organised by the city council of Barcelona “PLA BUITS” (urban vacant lots with territorial and social implication) for a temporary use of 19 vacant lots.
At the end of April 2013 the results were published.

Description of Illa dels 3 Horts
The idea is to have “Tres horts” three vegetable patches where to grow three different social benefits:
[.eco] ecological production
[.co] social collaboration
[.edu] educational

The lot (1.181 m2) is organised in two terraces.
The upper one is organised in two main areas:
– a community garden with social commitment
– a multi-purpose square, an event space providing leisure time activities for the associations and the neighbours

The lower terrace consists in:
– a composting area.
– a scented garden of aromatic plants
– a natural rain water harvesting system with storage

The lot of Illa dels 3 Horts is surrounded by the Montjuïc Park: a urban natural area of 450 ha in Barcelona city where to develop culture, sports and contact with nature activities and the PLA BUITS allows to offer a restored and participatory area to the district and to the city.

November 2013 – October 2016

Font de la Guatlla
Carrer Chopin / Carrer de la Guatlla
08004 Barcelona

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