4 – 5 / July / 2013 :

Poster. Ist International Forum of Ecological Restoration (Madrid, Spain)

Poster Project Presentation
included at the thematic area “Ecological Restoration as a Tool for Social Binding”at the Ist International Forum of Ecological Restoration “Creando Redes“.

The insertion and protection of natural green spaces in the cities encourages the interaction between inhabitants and environmental education  and habitat ecological restoration in cities; understanding that as the self-restoration process with the aim of fostering flora and fauna community adapted under the new set of ecological conditions of the spot.

The social binding come about being understood that naturalization of the urban spaces as an action for common weal.

Presentation of the forum:
Have you ever heard about Ecological Restoration?
Do you need to restore a neglected space and you don’t know how to get started?
Do you know how to restore your environment and you want to share your knowledge or professional expertise?

Creando Redes”, is the Ist International Forum of Ecological Restoration organised by a group of students, professors and professionals in Ecological Restoration.
The goal of this forum is to create a gathering event for all of whom want to take part in the dissemination and transmission of theoretical and practical knowledge related to the ecological restoration.

This way we pretend to generate an interaction network among whom ask for solutions for the degraded spaces and whom offers solutions for its restore.

Thursday 4 and Friday 5 of July 2013
9.00 – 18.00

National Natural Science Museum
Calle José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2
28006 Madrid

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