23 – 24 / July / 2013 :

Photography of the bamboo stage design “BoO, Cosa Vostra” (Causses et Veyran, France)

Photo of the Georges Cuvillier‘s stage design mado bamboo for the CirkVOST‘s spectacle” BoO, Cosa Vostra” during the 13th edition of the festival “Les nuits de la terrasse et del Catet”.

– BoO, Cosa Vostra

For their second creation the CirkVOST felt the need to get out of the tent and appropriate the public space.
Linked from their first spectacle “épicycle” to the research of singular schenographies, and giving a wink of complicity to the beauty constructions of the Australian company Bambucco, the collective has imagined a 368 bamboo giant mikado putting them together with 2000 nooses, on a 600 m2 surface.

The monumental installation modifies and interrogates the architecture of the city as we know it, designs an ephemeral space around which every point of view is different, as the point of view of the spectators are.

Specialized in areal disciplines, CirkVOST organically makes acrobatics on this fine and light material.
Everything starts with a family portrait, a stylish and well-dressed clan set a date.

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th of July 2013

Municipal Stadium
34490 Causses et Veyran

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