4 – 11 / May / 2013 :

Clay Plaster – Module 1 (Ganzlin, Germany)

I will attend the course:
New Educational Approach in Sustainable Natural Building PART I (Clay Plaster – Module 1) L7/2013
European Workshop for Educators and Trainers

The educational approach is essentially interactive and heuristic : teachers and students are “collaborators”, with students learning through discovery and experience.

This was the guiding principle in developing the educational materials for the vocational training course Clay Plaster. The training unit, which has been worked out by an European expert team within the EU-Project (Leonardo da Vinci) Clay Plaster, aims to encourage trainees to gain a fundamental understanding of Earth Building. In experimental and discovery sessions learners are comparing and examining different aspects of earth as a building material.

Educators in the sustainable building are often specialists in their field, however have little experience in educational methodologies.

– European School of Earth Building
It was initiated by FAL e.V. a non profit organisation promoting regional development in the rural area near the Plauer See in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Germany.
It was originated during exchange projects of earth building specialists and educational experts from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain and Poland in co-operation with the European Leonardo Pilot Projects “ Clay Plaster” and “European Earth Builder”.
It is regionally embedded in the natural and cultural landscape “Lehm+Backsteinstraße“(Clay + Brick Route).

From Saturday 4th to Saturday 11th of May 2013

Europäische Bildungsstätte für Lehmbau / European School of Earth Building
Am Bahnhof 2
D – 19395 Ganzlin


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