20 October – 1 November / 2014 :

Residency. Park in progress 12 (Huesca, Spain)

I have been selected for the art residency Park in progress 12 by Pépinières européennes pour Jeunes Artistes – PEJA.

– Park in progress
Is a nomadic artistic mobility programme that aims at promoting the emergence of a community of artists and creative professionals from various fields of expression to produce, through encounters and exchanges, transdisciplinary projects of a European scale.

– Park in progress 12

Will gather in Huesca about twenty artists and creative professionals coming from all over Europe to meet and initiate shared transdisciplinary proposals together. These proposals will be presented to the audience in the framework of the 15th edition of the Periferias festival.

At the end of October 2014, the Municipality of Huesca will host the next special edition Park in progress 12, which will take place in the frame of the Periferias Festival and works in 3 steps. Spanish and International artists will invest the Cultural Center el Matadero and various unusual urban spaces in a transdisciplinary approach and specific to this context, in accordance with the thematic focus of the Festival Periferias 15.0: Fake.

– Periferias Festival 15.0

The Periferias Festival from Huesca arrives this year to its 15th edition. As it is already known, Periferias is multidisciplinary and thematic festival, in order to all its programme revolves around the selected theme each year, that is converted into its connecting thread this way. Something that allows it to reinvent itself yearly and makes it a unique festival in Spain.
If in the past editions the selected themes by the festival have been Cosmos, Exiles, Version, Freak World, Agit Prop, Party, Earth, Future, Comercial, New, Outsider, New Comedy and Horror, thematics always recurrent in the cultural world, this year’s Periferias will revolve around the concept of FAKE. Therefore,  in 2014 the festival from Huesca will try to approach to the idea of the falsehood, of the lie and the imposture, of the mock and the illusory, of the appearance and the costume, of the replica and the plagiarism. It is going to be a vision, of course, really opened and close to ideas and concept s absolutely contemporary: from fake documentals to internet in itself, that has the creation of imaginary worlds parallels to the real one. As always, all will be seen and analyzed from a critical and toughtful perspective, heterodox and radically personal, that has always characterised the Periferias festival.

20 October – 1 November 2014

Various places

22005 Huesca

Poster Periferias Festival

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