26 / October / 2014 :

Re-Gen Sites. Park in Progress 12 (Huesca, Spain)

One of the goals of Park in Progress is meet the other and produce together (rencontrer l’autre et produire ensemble).

‘Funambulism: a mind attempting balance’ is a proposal conceived by Klaus Fruchtnis and submitted to the open call Re-Gen Sites Park in Progress 12. In own Klaus’ words:

 ‘Funambulism: a mind attempting balance’ is a collaborative proposal that celebrates and confronts movement in public space.
The performance engages with the complexities of unusual urban spaces and movement formed by constant surface transformation.

Solar Calle Quinto Sertorio

Solar Calle Quinto Sertorio, Re-Gen Sites

Re-Gen Sites is a urban regeneration project in abandoned places of the historic center of the city. Several plots that have been regenerated have hosted the different performing arts proposals and allowed to show them to the audience.

With Klaus’ proposal the performers  were easily allowed to explore the terrestrial part using canes, so the material used afterwards for the installation Fake Nature was first used here.



Funambulism: a mind attempting balance

Art Direction: Klaus Fruchtnis
Performers: Antonella D’Ascenzi, Audrey Louwet, Alluana Ribeiro and Tom Prôneur
Stage design: Pía Alejandra Gálvez Lindegaard
Music: Tasos Tafarel Stamou

With the collaboration of:
Esencia Producciones

Watch the video >>

Sunday 26 October 2014

Re-Gen Sites

Solar Calle Quinto Sertorio
22005 Huesca

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