Fake nature

Fake nature

Arundo donax, unwaxed linen thread, pita fabric, methacrylate, artificial plants
Site-specific installation
Variable dimensions


When we think about nature we assume that it is organic and alive.
In contrast, fake nature is artificial and synthetic.

The installation explores the dichothomy between fake nature and real nature.
Imitates a nest for animals, and in the center of the nest place a cube, a man-made object that does not exist in nature.
This cube is a transparent methacrylate box, filled with nature imitations (plastic plants) organised inside the cube following linear patterns without any possibility for growing and without being able to go outside the transparent box.

The shelter made with canes and the cube are opposed. It allow us to be between both ‘natures’.

The canes are also commonly known as fake bamboo.

The visitor is invited to traverse it observing the difficulties we often have to accept things as they are, and the need we have to transform and simplify something, especially bothers us to become part of our life without being disturbed too much .

Maybe it may come to seem more interesting and desirable a nature that doesn’t gets dirty, neither grows, neither invade us, that doesn’t need much care.
Maybe we may come to prefer a petroleum by-product with a high environmental impact, to commodify the environment, assuming that the best relationship that we can have with the nature its through its degradation.

With the collaboration of:
Nadine O’Garra

Park in Progress 12
28 October  –  23 November
Centro Cultural del Matadero
Huesca (Spain)

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