Straw bale pavilion

Straw bale pavilion

Straw bales, timber, clay plaster and Mediterranean green roof (vegetal)
30 m2
2013 – 2015


The project has a systemic and multiscale approach, it links the environment and the urbanism of the city by choosing a multipurpose response under the shape of ecological architecture.
The pavilion is a response which tries to fulfill all the needs of the precedent scales.

– Green corridors and city
“The creation of green corridors in the cities is a strategy that helps to boost the biodiversity in the urban environment , linking the different green areas of the city but its introduction also have an effect on the quality of the public space, the mobility organisation and the energy consumption.
A green corridor is a land strip that connects two natural areas with the aim to link them biologically and preserve the ecosystems.

To opt for the green corridors is a strategy to reduce land fragmentation caused by land use as a consequence of the urban extension and infrastructures .
A urban green corridor has a similar function in the city but in this case the difference is its aim to connect the green areas within the city. One of the main objectives is to shape a network of corridors that makes easier the flow of people and especially the urban wildlife. That is achieved through greening strategies to increase vegetation both in surface and height.

Urban green corridors can also be the limit between urban and rural space.”

Text translated from: ecourbano. Conocimiento para ciudades más sostenibles

– City and urban garden
The urban garden can strengthen the green corridor allowing the inclusion and testing the following ideas:
· More than half of world’s population lives nowaday in cities. It is predicted the 70% of population to live in urban areas by 2050.
· These urban environments often lack of nature producing specially in childen the “Nature-deficit disorder” described by Richard Louv in 2005.
· The term biophilia means βιο- (“life”) y φιλíα (“brotherly love”, including friendship and affection).
· The “Biophilic Cities Project ” initiated by Tim Beatley proposes reintegrate nature in the existing cities considering the green spaces system as much as the citizens empathy towards them encouraging the learning from nature and the commitment with its care.
· Richard T.T. Forman includes both people and nature in its description of “urban landscape ecology “.

– Urban garden and ecological architecture
The construction of the pavilion will be done during various workshops.
These workshops have a sustainable approach to the design of sustainable architecture and ecological construction. They are designed to transfer how to work respecting the natural systems that allow our life while using recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Urban Garden
2013 – 2015
Barcelona (Spain)

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