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Article. Straw bale construction (Online)

I have contributed with the article: Straw bale buildings chance in India.

This text about straw bales is  included at the section “Sustainable building materials” os this issue:
Straw bale buildings chance in India
– Sustainable construction with ceramic tiles
– Single- and two-component pickling processes for aluminum pretreatment each have their merits
– The Jansen Campus: Built visions

After launching in 2008 Energetica India, the Spanish editorial company Omnimedia, launches now Ecoconstruction India Magazine, a magazine focused on sustainable building construction & infrastructure.
The platform covers innovation and trends in bioclimatic architecture, smart buildings, passive houses, sustainable urban and rural architecture, green planning, construction, rehabilitation and recycling.

Editorial India:

India’s cities are the driving forces for economic growth but they are facing enormous environmental challenges. There is an urgent need for sustainable and smart buildings and infrastructure concepts to avoid the collapse of the cities.
Ecoconstruction India will help to support the prevention of future problems and creation livable communities.
Ecoconstruction India will be distributed among the construction promoters and project developers, the same as the research and manufacturing industries in India. It will showcase the latest news, product information, in depth analysis and interviews allowing the sector to face the challenges of cost effective research, development and production process.
Ecoconstruction India will have a strong presence at all the outstanding Indian and International events in its field. The first edition of Ecoconstruction Magazine will be presented during BAU, the international event that will be held in Munich (Germany) and will be distributed to the main Indian construction companies as a compliment.


The edition #1, winter issue is available online.

The printed magazine will be distributed at:
– Buidmat India (Coimbatore, 7-10 February)
– BC India (Mumbai, 5-8 February)
– Ecobuild London (London, 5-7 March)

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