The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.

The water that comes. The used water. The water that we come to have.



Has the water from the fountainhead the same quality as the water in these pipes?
The water from the pipes, the drinking one, is the same that goes outside the building?

The project revolves around drinking-water quality and health.
It seeks to document by the pictures the coexisting waters here in order to evaluate visually:
The water that comes: the tap water
The used water : the affected water by our activity; used to clean tools, mixed with turpentine or metals
The water that we come to have : the tap water activated by ceramic pieces with effective microorganisms-EM – , initially developed in liquid state by the professor Teruo Higa. It is a low cost technology to improve water quality.

I am interested in observing the hidden water in the pipes which distances from understanding hydrating properties of water, common good and habitat for aquatic flora and fauna.

If we are more conscious that a portion of our sewage carries toxic waste, and it is specifically related with the activities held here, and it complicates the survival of aquatic flora and fauna, it can help to correct our bad habits.
And increase prevention and request to send that toxic water to a waste management facility to be treated improving the conservation of aquatic ecosystems, the ones that supply us again.

Consumption cycle of water:
Natural environment – Catchment – Purification – Distribution system –
Use and consumption – Drainage – Water treatment – Natural environment

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La Trasera (Madrid)

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