Arundo donax Jubierre

Arundo donax Jubierre

Arundo donax, unwaxed linen thread, pita fabric, leds
Site-specific installation
Variable dimensions


Explore the possibilities of the vegetation of the local landscape and what can they give of themselves.
Transport the cane which grows in the river to a close place caracterized by the shortage of water, the desert.
To acquaint a temporary and international community of people with an invasive plant considered characteristic from the Mediterranean basin which can be native to Asia.
Make an installation only with hand powered tools and without any additional power source with a plant used since ancient times.
Stay overnight on the land of the same place where the installation will be experimenting during its construction various eclipses in an arid land.
Come back after a long walk and be surprised because  someone has added illumination.
Convince some participants to write a sentence on a textile strip and hang it on the entrance to be choosen randomly by another participant, from another part of the world. But do it without consider the storms and not taking into account that the pen ink is not indelible.
Dismantle the installation to be carried away by a participant to be upcycled for the diffent varieties of local tomatoes that he grows.

Do all of that according the basic rules of the festival:
– self expression, the freedom to be yourself
– radical self-reliance, be responsible for yourself
– no commerce, bring all you need because you can’t buy it there
– leave no trace, create something from nothing and leave nothing behind
– participation, in not an event for spectators

With the collaboration of:
Cecilia Llama, Nuria Díaz, Mª José Ollero, Massimo Burgio

Nowhere Festival
7  –  11 July
Monegros Desert (Huesca)

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