21 – 22 / March / 2015 :

Publication. Water Views : Caring and Daring (Online)

Esther Moñivas Mayor has contributed in the e-book ‘Water Views : Caring and Daring‘ with the paper ‘h2o : emergencias‘ (chapter 4. Art & Science).

The e-book will be launched on World Water Day, 22 March 2015, with some online events:

· Event 1 (Find your time) : activities linked with Balance/UnBalance Conference, film about Vanuatu Women’s Water Music and performances.
· Event 2 (Find your time) : 30 minutes silent meditation for water.


– AboutWater Views: Caring and Daring – Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 – 3WDS14′ e-book :

Science, art, ecology, community and youth respond to the theme: “Water Views: Caring and Daring.”
An astonishing number and variety of entries – 125 articles & 540 pages – makes this book a rich collection of ongoing work internationally, often with a local focus, on raising awareness and responding to water issues.
450 participants, from 34 countries across 5 continents, interacted with audience ‘live’ on the Internet & in 18 physical venues or ‘nodes’, through Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to water. The symposium, held 17-23 March 2014, also integrated youth & inter-generational dialogue with the “Voice of the Future” strand.
Transversal knowledge and multidisciplinarity across cultures and languages shaped the content and structure of the e-book. The nine, richly illustrated sections contain three types of entries, based on the presentation given as part of the Symposium: “Splash”– project overview, “Ripple”– detailed project description, and “Wave”– peer-reviewed article on original research.

About the chapter 4. Art & Science –  interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction:

OVERVIEW by Dr. D.L. “West” Marrin:
This session explored the crossroads of art and science in terms of artists selecting scientific topics or natural phenomena for their works, and scientists using artists to portray their data or provide them with unique perspectives.
The third presenter was Esther Moñivas, an art historian and professor of contemporary art from Spain, who specializes in the aesthetics of materials and, especially, water. The topic of “art and science dialogues” was discussed in terms of its potential to promote new synergies between the two fields utilizing water as the source of imagination. She also discussed how complex and often confusing issues in water quality, politics and management can be communicated more effectively to the public through the medium of art. Some of the artistic projects emerging from her art-science dialogues, including videoart, paintings and textural works, were reviewed.

21-22 March 2015
World Water Day


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