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Publication. Learning package and Handbook E-CLIC (Online)

The Learning package and the HandbookMaking European Policy Popular through Challenge, Learning, Innovation and Cooperation: An experiment on the European Landscape Convention” are available.

A Learning Package has been produced based on the E-CLIC learning resources and the material collected through the E-CLIC competitions and conferences. A Handbook has also been produced to accompany the learning package, explaining how it should be used in secondary education, University education and lifelong learning. Both are available in Estonian, Greek, Spanish, Slovenian, German and English.

Under the acronym E-CLIC, this project aims to change people’s perception of EU policies, familiarize people with them and their impact. It seeks to help all European citizens to better understand and assess the policies related to the landscape policies upon their life and everyday activities, with the European Landscape Convention (ELC, 2000) as an example.
Partnership is formed by public institutions on the field of education and research, private companies and NGO’s, from Estonia, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Principles underlying ELC implementation guidelines are very much governance-oriented, underpinning a new governance model which may allow to identify innovative ways to engage social learning, political cooperation and the implementation of the landscape policy.

– Aim and goals of the Learning Package

To make ELC understandable, by analysing specific examples which  may allow to show how policy affects citizens’ day-to-day life depending on the action realized. More specifically, the LP aims to:
– Make user’s easier to understand how policies affect people’s life;
– Promote public awareness of ELC and aè ract the ac ve par cipa on of people on its assessment;
– Familiarize the learner with ICT methods and tools to be used when learning about ELC;
– Learner becomes active by crea ng its own learning material.

This publication has been prepared by the e-Clic team of the Universitat de València, managed by the following LOCSUS members: Hèctor del Alcàzar, Mar Riera and Joan noguera, with the contribution and input from all E-Clic Partners.

– Aim and goals of the Handbook

This handbook provides guidance to teachers at secondary school, university and in adult or continuing education programmes in how to use the learning resources in constructing and running a course about landscape. It outlines the key elements of the resources, especially the learning package, and suggests the way in which each might be applied.

This publication has been prepared by the E-Clic team of the Estonian University of Life Sciences: Simon Bell, Friedrich Kuhlmann and Merle Karro-Kalberg, with the contribution and input from all E-Clic Partners.

Learning package



eclic learning package

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