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Publication. Art for the Planet’s Sake. Arts and Environment (Online)

The last issue of the Fresh Perspectives seriesArt for the Planet’s Sake which covers topics about Arts and Environment came out.
I contributed to the call explaining a bit the related projects Fake Nature and Funambulism: a mind attempting balance.

Art for the Planet’s Sake  is about projects and practices embedding environmental sustainability in its content and/or in the connection with the audience and local communities. It includes contributions from Sacha Kagan, Chantal Bilodeau, Marco Kusumawidjaya, Mike van Graan and Yasmine Ostendorf.
This publication written by Hannah Van Den Berghof has been produced by IETM (International Network for contemporary performing arts) in collaboration with COAL (Coalition for Art and Sustainable Development) and was presented along with the Professional Workshop of the ArtCOP21 in Paris, that runned in parallel to the COP21 (the United Nations Conference on Climate Change).

– Fresh Perspectives 4: “Art for the Planet’s Sake”

>Climate change engulfs us. Scientists inform us that our civilisation is nearing collapse, unless we implement a radical change towards a low-carbon and low-resource economy.
Art prepares us, not in calculations but in humanity. Can art pretend to save the planet? No. And it doesn’t. But if we believe in the power of art as a purely humanistic act, enriching people with non-materialistic values, art is able to tap into a different instinct, rationale and emotion than political rhetoric, corporate sales-patter or even scientific data

– IETM’s series “Fresh Perspectives”

IETM’s Fresh Perspectives series of publications explore how artists respond to crucial questions of today’s society, highlighting the high value of contemporary arts and cultural practice as a form of cultural interpretation for both individuals and society at large.
Artistic projects proposed by IETM (International Network for contemporary performing arts) members and other arts professionals are analysed and placed in a broader social perspective by researchers specialized in the issue.Fresh Perspectives series:

“The Invisible Hand”. Art in the transition to another economy, April 2013.
“Shifting Scales and Sceneries!”. Arts, Globalisation and Territories, April 2015.
“The Art of Disobedience”. Arts and politics, October 2015.
Art for the Planet’s Sake. Arts and Environment, November 2015.

– ArtCOP21 Professional Workshop

Gaîté Lyrique
3rd – 4th December 2015

Videos available >>

For two days, 150 professionals from thirty countries, in Paris for the Conference for Climate, share their actions and acknowledge the leadership of the cultural sector and its ability to generate answers and stories for the future.

This Professional Workshop is based on a series of preliminary reports and international recommendations. Based on an exchange of best practices, the workshop aims to reinforce cross-sectorial dialogues between various types of actors.
The objective is also to highlight the necessity of a focused support and adapted funding mechanisms to ensure the leadership of the cultural sector with regards to sustainable development.
It has been organised by COAL, On the Move, Julie’s bicycle and IFACCA.

– COP21

France hosted the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), from 30 November to 11 December 2015.



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