25 – 30 / May / 2015 :

Photography. Kinya Maruyama (Villefontaine, France)

of the realization of the landscape and participatory sculpture La cabane à rêves‘ of Kinya Maruyama throughout the Festival Grains d’Isère 2015.

La cabane à rêves
Pour prendre le temps de :
Rêver l’impossible
Contempler le ciel
Attraper ses rêves les plus sages et les plus fous
S’endormir en regardant les étoiles
Jouer à être ailleurs
Être heureux à l’abri
Sentir la terre et la nature

– Kinya Maruyama

Kinya Maruyama is a Japanese artist/architect, co-founder of Team Zoo, a versatile group of designers who have searched for mixing the japanese tradition with the contemporary creation.
For over 70 years, he has not stopped being amazed and delight us. His work is an amazing mix of fantasy and tradition where interior and exterior merge.
With him, nature is closely mixed with architecture using natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, branches or dead leaves.
The earth through infinite experiences and treatments, is considered a core material in his work that he unites with air, the wind and above all the aesthetics.
Kinya permanently looks for the harmony of the form applied to the set of elements framing the life of a person, the time to breath and appreciate nature taking an approach as ecological as poetical.
Tireless , Kinya circulates around the world as its emblematic animal kiwi, to transfer and share from workshop to workshop his practices with a sensory-based approach to places and atmospheres of the collective and permanent workshop.

– 7 principles of Team Zoo
1. Expression of Place
2. What is a House? What is a School? What is a Road?
3. Diversity
4. Sensory world
5. Enhancing and Enjoying Nature
6. Aimaimoko
7. Exertive Building
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– Festival Grains d’Isère 2015 ‘ Enjeux Terre’
The activities of the Festival Grains d’Isère 2015 are part of the preparations for the international conference Terra 2016, epicenter of the event  ‘Lyon 2016, capital of the earth’, which brings together exhibitions, specially at the ‘Musée des Confluences’, the ‘Musée Gallo-Romain’ and the ‘Musée Gadagne’, films, shows, animations, as well as the construction of low-cost earthen habitat prototypes.

Terra 2016 is the twelfth in a series of international events organised since 1972, bringing together academics, professionals and experts, and a broad audience gathering around earthen architecture.
The congress is organised under the aegis of the ISCEAH Committee of ICOMOS international, in the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Earthen Architecture Programme (WHEAP).
The 2016 edition will focus mainly on issues dealing with sustainable development, particularly in urban areas. This event will gather more than 800 participants from the fields of heritage conservation, archaeology, architecture and urban planning, engineering, social sciences, as well as fields related to local sustainable development and crisis intervention.

25 – 30 May 2015

Les Grands Ateliers
Impasse du Pont
38 092 Villefontaine

Festival Grains d’Isère 2015

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La cabane à rêves

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