10-30 / March / 2014 :

Residency. CACiS, Center for Contemporary Art & Sustainability (Calders, Spain)

Islands of compression in a sea of tension is one of the projects included at the international open call “Creadores 2014” at CACiS (Center for Contemporary Art & Sustainability El Forn de la Calç).

Why not to explore this structures that expound the distribution of forces over the backbones, an element of our human nature, with materials available in the nature?
Why not to build a tensegrity structure with natural materials?

It is not about solving an optimal structure from the logics of calculation but to start an intuitive search.


10th March – 30th March 2014

CACiS (Center for Contemporary Art & Sustainability)
El Forn de la Calç
08275 Calders


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Islands of compression in a sea of tension

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