15 & 18 / October / 2013 :

Art and Science dialogues (Madrid, Spain)

The aim of this workshop is to foster new artistic projects related to water, that may be part of the 2013 Spanish Science Week and the International Year of Water Cooperation. It also opens an

Art and Science dialogues in the Fine Arts School of the Complutense University of Madrid that hopes to promote new synergies between these two fields of knowledge.

As starting point, we will take water as a driver of the imagination, both in its physical and symbolic essence. We will briefly analyze contemporary water semantics, and discuss artworks that have been made in the last few decades –specifically those focused on inhabiting the communal space and the collective imagery. We hope this context will serve as a basis for new narratives, critical reflections and –why not?– practical solutions to the global water crisis.

This call is directed to digital, audiovisual and performance proposals, as well as any kind of intervention in the Fine Art School’s environment. A selection of the projects will be included in an exhibition held at the UCM Fine Arts School showroom and will also be posted on waterbodies.org.  The Science Week will include other related activities, such as a public projects introduction, a discussion with specialists about water issues, and an exhibit walkthrough.

Coordination: Esther Moñivas Mayor

Tuesday 15th & Friday 18th of October 2013
12.00 – 14.00
12.00 – 15.00

La Trasera
UCM Fine Arts School
Calle Pintor el Greco, 2
Ciudad Universitaria
28040 Madrid

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