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I was born in 1979 in the Valparaiso bay, a natural amphitheater located in the Pacific Ring of Fire which tends to be visited by tsunamis and earthquakes.
In all probability, walking tours through the streets of this organic city adapted to geography have been transferred directly to my brain circuits.

I live in Spain since I am 4 years old. In 1991 I visit the Elqui Valley and several Gabriela Mistral’s houses. The adobe, the absence of pavement and the stone that filters the scarce rainwater grabbed my attention. I spend my teenage years in the Barcelona metropolitan region.

I start the studies at the architecture school of the Vallés in 1998 and at the same time I start to practise photography in a self-taught way.
I begin to consciously connect my path with nature in the year 2000 (during the landscape architecture workshop) being interested in the natural materials and the fractal geometry. This is my point of departure .

Other milestones are having done one year exchange in Sevilla in 2002, studying composition, architecture and environment. Having collaborated in 2004 with the organisation of the Ist international conference on fractal basis for architectural design and environment in Madrid. Or having participated in 2005 in projects of environment, landscape, public space and bioclimatic architecture in Sao Paulo state.
Having visited also the Iguazu falls and the Patagonia.
There have been two times in my life where I have considered to do something else, one has been while I was in Torres del Paine.
Of course all the experiences, people and places that inspire me have contributed, albeit not being quite sure how.

In 2008 I start the regular practice of meditation and I present the master thesis project. This is the first time I have the option to choose a topic to cover, and it looks like it sparked something because since then there was no turning back.

Since 2009 I learn to build with natural materials. I still do.
This that could have been an isolated or an irrelevant event is what  is allowing me to combine my various interests and meet people with similar vital goals.


Pia Alejandra Galvez Lindegaard
Pía Alejandra (1982, 1984 and 2010)

* Updated February 2015

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