Since the year 2010, Environmental Architecture has been developing projects of environmental architecture , site-specific installation and photography related to the environment and the natural materials with low impact such as straw bales, earth, timber, water, bamboo and canes (arundo donax).

Is the work of Pia Alejandra Galvez Lindegaard (b. 1979, Valparaiso).
Architect/builder & artist.

Pia Alejandra Galvez Lindegaard
Pía Alejandra (1982, 1984 and 2010)


2009 / 2013
Hands-on workshops with natural materials in Germany (Ganzlin and Kassel) and Slovakia (Bratislava).

Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), level EQF 7
Polytechnic University of Catalonia (School of Architecture of the Vallès). ETSAV-UPC.
(Master thesis) Therapeutic water Bathing Resort in Salinas de Añana

The project is based in the study of three coexisting heritages: landscape (Salt Valley linked to the Añana’s diapir), culture (Salinas de Añana) and architecture (Monastery of the Comendadoras de San Juan de Acre) to propose a new exploitation of the brine with therapeutic purpose.
The proposed building is a therapeutic water bathing resort (restoration, change of use and new construction) conceived for the practise of the therapy described by Sebastian Kneipp. This therapy is based in five unitary components interrelated: psychotherapy, dietetics, kinesiotherapy, hidrotherapy and fitotherapy.

Obtained the sustainable prize ETSAV 2008 to the best sustainability concept used in a project: ‘water & salt’.

2002 / 2007
Traineeship experiences as collaborator in multi-disciplinar architecture studios as draughtswoman, researcher, model-maker and builder assistant in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla) and Brazil (Sao Paulo).

Stayings at the United Kingdom (Reading and London) and France (Paris).


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* Updated December 2015

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